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Cosmic Satisfaction

My common evening night cap is not necessarily what you might think. Yes, of course a fine wine while watching my favorite show are great, but I like to go a little more "out this world" so to speak.

StarTalk Radio, the podcast/radio show made famous by Science Communicator and Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is my usual late night session of choice. Deep, intense conversations about the expanse of our universe, how it came to be, and is there life on other planets? Not just that, but there's something about Star Talk that is easily intriguing. Questions that we may not have the solid answers to, but make our wildest and best assumptions based on science. This is cosmic queries. The portion of the show that analyzes some of the deepest mysteries of our known universe, and questions what the possibilities could be. This portion of the show has kept fans guessing for years and the curiosity derived from it has not only triggered new ideas, but also new text.

This text is why I'm so honored to speak about one of my favorite shows, because I was blessed with my very own copy of "Cosmic Queries" from StarTalk radio themselves! This latest release from Neil deGrasse Tyson covers some of the most daunting questions ever proposed about our universe from the show. It's been officially added to my wall of science, and I'm beyond excited to dive into all the knowledge jam packed into this book! It'll be surely difficult to "keep looking up" when my eyes are going to glued down to this amazing read! Thanks StarTalk!

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