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Connecting with Kids in S.T.E.M.

After 3 months of doing after school science classes for elementary kids throughout Los Angeles, I've learned 3 incredible things:

1. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE - Kids know and remember much more than we think. I've been baffled by their knowledge of random science experiments & information from space based television programs that they've retained. 2. STUDENTS RECOGNIZE REAL - No need to be fake or put on a false persona. Kids can tell if you really care and know about what you're teaching. 3. YOU ARE APPRECIATED - The amount of kids that come up to me individually after class and say "thank you science teacher" has been amazing. When you put effort towards making each student feel included, they truly treasure it. I always make sure to reiterate, especially to minority students that I come across, that this can be you. You can do this. You are a scientist.

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