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Champions for Science

We can and we all should be champions for science! As leaders and educators in so many areas, we are only as good as the commitment and efforts we put forth. If we truly want to inspire our youth and develop the next generation of STEM leaders, we must equip ourselves with the proper tools needed.

That's why this week I'm glad to participate in the Champions for Science event. This conference, specifically aimed at High School teachers, will be providing educators with a wide variety of unique educational perspectives. My session, "How to Make STEM Education & Engaging", will focus on tips and tools that teachers can use to turn their classroom into an exciting educational playground. I'll be sharing my methods of STEM outreach, how I combine entertainment & science, and giving examples that teachers can use to develop their own unique voice in the classroom. There are so many ways to transform traditional education that can prove to be immensely valuable for students. I want the High School teachers in attendance to think from a much broader perspective, and find more tangible methods that can ingratiate them on a deeper level with their students.

Registration is still open for this amazing event, and I truly urge all educators (formal or informal) to join in and listen to the entire list of dynamic teachers involved. Let's all learn to be champions of science together!

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