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Building Your Brand

I've often been asked as a Science Communicator how I went about building my platform. The concept of "Building Your Brand" is one that many work hard to do, but have difficulty nailing down the important elements to ensure a route to success.

This past week I had the pleasure of addressing an incredible group of college freshmen and sophomores as part of the New Technologies program. As the Keynote speaker for the event, I provided tips and tangible steps that could be taken to find your voice, carve your path, and get connected with your audience. All these tips were a culmination of years of practice, seeing success, and overcoming failures. The road to success is never a linear path, and is filled with obstacles and harsh conditions along the way. Discovering what unique skills you bring to the table and then harnessing them to make an impact on the world can take time and immense effort to accomplish. I hope my words of wisdom and real life practices where I utilized these skills were useful for those in attendance. Hopefully providing the spark they needed to make the next steps towards successfully navigating their own path.

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