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Bringing Science to the Classroom!

What a joy heading back to Seattle to speak to an incredible group of students at UCDS! Walking in, I was immediately impressed by the amazing facility itself. Multiple floors and rooms filled with engaging materials, technology, and resources for every student. A full on science lab where I hosted my science lessons for the day, and a fantastic stage where I was able to talk to the entire assembly of students about my unique STEM journey.

Their DASH (Day of Arts Science & Humanities) event brought students front and center with some amazing disciplines, and our science focus for the day was all about water! I talked to the elementary students about my experience out at sea on board the EV Nautilus, some of the wonders and mysteries of the ocean, and why it's so important to protect them. We then broke into smaller groups for the 1st and 2nd graders where we learned how to make homemade water filters. The students had a chance to see full circle why water conservation is so important, and better understand how we're able to get clean water in our homes.

I truly believe hands-on experiences for our youth are some the best ways to engage them in STEM topics, and I was absolutely honored to be invited to this classroom to help bring some joy and excitement to science!

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