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Breaking News!!!

Don't turn that dial too fast! (That's clearly an old school reference...the 2022 version should be button, or bluetooth, or alexa/google voice....anyway, a subject for another day...)

Your's truly made the news!

It's so amazing to see how much this Hip Hop Science platform has transformed over the years into this full-on "edutainment" media reaching thousands of people all across the globe. Receiving recognition for my work is simply a sign that people are connecting with my content, learning, getting excited, or discovering a newfound curiosity for science - and that is what matters the most!

It was an absolute honor to be featured on Spectrum News 1 today discussing the development, mission, and inspiration behind my Hip Hop Science STEM outreach work. Thank you to both Giselle Fernandez and Melvin Robert for sharing some excitement with me on this broadcast, and giving me a platform to continue to reach the next generation!

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