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Becoming the Hip Hop MD

It's been an incredible journey into this world of Science Communication. As many may know of my story, I didn't always start out as the lab coat wearing, lensless glasses Hip Hop MD character that has been gracing your STEM social channels.

Transitioning from music artist to engineer, then back to artist, and then entertainer turned science communicator has been quite the ride as you could imagine. Through all of it, the focus has always been to do what I love, remain curious, and never stop pursuing my dreams. I've learned so much through each incredible life phase that assists me in all the STEAM outreach work that I do now.

The team over at DRIVE INDI also noticed this crazy journey and took the time to do an amazing piece about my story entitled "How Maynard Made Himself Whole as the Hip Hop Doc". It's a blessing to be able to share this story with all of you and continue the mission of spreading the love of science while allowing curiosity to open new doors.

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