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Back In Person....Virtually!

As we all know, it's been quite the year to say the least! March of 2020 brought on the official transition to live stream and virtual events. No more on-site science festivals, no more in person sessions with students. We all learned to adapt to a world of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team meetings, as well as a wide variety of virtual event platforms.

Although, I believe that trend is here to stay...we are seeing a slow shift back into some sort of normality. This wknd I was invited to host the City of STEM Virtual Science Festival. When I participated back in October, I shot content from the comfort of my home. This time around, I was on-site at the Columbia Space Center in Downey, CA to work with the City of STEM team. We had live streaming equipment and green screen set up to bring a little extra oomph to the event! Considering the fact that Bill Nye and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were also the main guests for the festival, you can say this was definitely an exciting thing to be a part of!

We're still a long ways from being fully immersed back into live events with crowds, but I surely see this fusion of live and in-person being the new wave for programming to come. An in person element with limited crowds, accompanied by a virtual streaming platform can allow for more participation and continued outreach to the masses. Hosts like myself can still get attendees involved, but from an even more dynamic and engaging perspective. Being a part of the festival this wknd was truly a breath of fresh air. Having the chance to work with a team on a full production and coordinated effort brought back a great feeling of accomplishment. I'm incredibly excited to see what's next with events to come! Make sure to check out the full City of STEM Science Festival recap in the link below!

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