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Asteroid Award Winner!

Yes! Your's truly is now officially an award winning Science Communicator! This past weekend I was honored at the OutpostCon event with the trophy for "Best Streaming Content". Alongside me was an incredible list of nominees, many of whom have been doing some long standing work within the world of science.

It was such a blessing to be recognized for my contributions to the science community. As mentioned previously in my milestone accomplishment of 10K followers, I do this work to meet my mission of encouraging minority involvement in the STEM fields. Introducing people to science in a new and intriguing way, while providing informative analysis and thoughts on a wide range of concepts has kept me energized and motivated to do more.

This year's OutpostCon included amazing panels touching on everything from fandom topics like superheroes and scientific super powers; to diversity & inclusion and even a night of trivia. I was excited to be a part of 3 different panels and even a featured guest on trivia. Our Saturday sessions concluded with the Asteroid Awards show presented by Skeptoid Media. Other categories included "Science Influencer of the Year", "Diversity & Inclusion in SciComm", and "Best Science Fiction" I look forward to continuing to bring my unique Hip Hop Science content to the masses, and will surely use this as building block along the journey.

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