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Artificial Intelligence & 5th Graders?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader who knows AI? That's not just a catchy headline. It was the actual name of an exclusive panel that I had the pleasure of co-hosting along with fellow Science Communicator and STEM Avenger Justin Shaifer. The panel went live this week at GTC 2021, an annual tech conference put on my NVIDIA that brings together some of the greatest minds in technology, as well as unique discussions about the future of technology, trends, products, and innovations.

With AI touching every part of our lives, it's important that we make sure our youth are connected to these new advancements. Equity, diversity, and socioeconomics have a huge effect on students exposure to this field of technology. This means that many students, especially those from underserved communities are being left behind when it comes to education in this leading field. Fortunately, there are a number of educators making sure that students not only have access, but are inspired, motivated, and encouraged to succeed in this amazing field.

Check out the full panel that breaks down so many incredible topics related to inclusion and outreach, and how we can all make sure our youth aren't left out of technological advancements.

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