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And Then Suddenly....

We all have that "aha" moment. That moment where everything finally comes together and life seems to suddenly make sense. Your outlook is clear, your vision is well defined, you know what your purpose is, and you can no longer be passive.

To be honest, I hadn't thought about what that moment was for me for a long time. For so long I had just been moving in stride and going in the directions that life opened up. That was until I was invited to be part of the And Then Suddenly podcast and had the pleasure of speaking with Angela Santillo. This podcast is all about searching within and identifying that very point in time where your purpose became clear, and you were able to walk in stride into what you were meant to do. To make the experience of discussing this story even that much better, the host had no prior knowledge of what that moment was for me, so that "aha" moment reaction was both surprising and stirred up a number of interest discussions.

You never realize how sharing your own story can ultimately help inspire others and even reinvigorate an excitement within yourself about the possibilities for the future. Check out our awesome interview and think about what that "aha" moment was for you in your own life journey.

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