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An Incredible Week of STEM Learning!

This week has been an incredible journey of STEM learning and education. So many amazing platforms have developed, providing educators with the tools to reach their classrooms; and students with the resources they need to feel empowered.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Champions for Science event where myself and a number of esteemed educators gave viewers a wide array of fundamentals they could apply in their classrooms. With so much changing in today's new classroom, the learning curve adjusting to virtual education has been steep for many. The difficulty has been a shared experience and thus the need to provide extensive resources for educators to apply. Whether it be learning how to maintain collaborative work between students virtually, or technology tips for e-learning and management, the Champions for Science event covered all possible topics.

The feedback has been amazing, with teachers from all sorts of backgrounds stating the assistance has been invaluable. All the resources from the platform are still active and accessible on the Champions for Science platform up until September 30th. Take advantage and share with your networks to make sure you're fully loaded for this next school year and beyond!

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