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All Access to Science!

It's been an extraordinary few weeks exploring various areas of STEM on so many platforms. This week marks another, with the official launch of USA Science Festival's Sci Fest All Access. This stage, usually a thriving in-person event, full of science experiments, sessions from STEM professionals, and exhibitors has now gone virtual!

Not only is it completely virtual, but they've taken STEM exploration to the next level with a number of specialized portals and a unique format that allows students and science seekers to tune in to just about every phase of science learning on-line. As part of their STEM Stage series, I'll be sharing a visual breakdown about the very element that gives us all life - H20! Everything you never thought you didn't know about water quality is showcased in this video - from how we access clean water, the water filtration process, testing of water, and the technology used throughout.

There is one caveat can only access this video by registering on the Sci Fest All Access page! Luckily, this virtual platform is completely free and available until Sat October 3rd. Plus, it will remain accessible for an additional few weeks for those unable to join by that deadline. If you're an educator looking for amazing STEM lessons for your classrooms, or simply just a science lover - make sure to sign up to get complete All Access!

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