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All About Gravity!

The wait is finally over! After an incredible zero gravity flight with Space for Humanity, the world can now see all the exclusive behind the scenes footage from our epic journey.

My opportunity to fly on the Go Zero G flight came about through a submission process from the organization Space for Humanity. I highlighted in the video what this trip would mean for my platform and my continued work in STEM outreach. Inspiring the next generation of diverse leaders, uplifting black & brown voices, and showcasing representation in science. I was fortunate enough to be selected, and joined another amazing winner to be part of this life changing experience. Our journey took us to Denver, where we connected with Alyssa Carson (future NASA Mars astronaut) and the rest of the Space for Humanity team. The rest was history, as we boarded the 727 and experienced the same feeling of weightlessness that astronauts feel in space.

I knew as soon as I was given this opportunity, that I needed to capture this experience in a unique way. Much is said about gravity in popular culture as well as in our science lessons. Yet, there is still so much that's misunderstood about this phenomenon. My latest Science Mystery video goes into detail about everything you thought you knew about gravity. I debunk some of the most common myths, and culminate it with amazing footage from our zero gravity flight. This however, is just the beginning. I look forward to seeing where the next stages of this incredible experience will take me, as I continue to make science accessible and exciting for diverse audiences all across the globe.

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