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A Timeline of Science Communication

It's amazing to see the energy and commitment that our youth puts forth when it comes to this new wave of STEM education. So many young voices are now taking charge and putting the world on notice that they are ready to lead us into the future.

The organization Young Scientists Journal is an international peer review science journal written, reviewed, and produced by school students ages 12-20. Connecting over 50 countries, they have been the vehicle of choice for many in getting their work published. They are also the oldest and largest organization of their kind, and are providing young people a place to publish their own scientific research. If that doesn't scream INCREDIBLE, I don't know what does!

I'm honored and excited to be chosen as one the speakers this weekend for the YSJournal 8th Annual Conference, celebrating "A Timeline of Science". If you have yet to hear about this incredible platform and what to know more, this conference is a must. If you also want to see how the timeline of history has effected multiple fields of STEM, you also need to attend this event. My session will focus specifically on the history of Science Communication, how we communicated in the past, what we are doing right now in the world of science, and how our current pandemic may change science communication forever!

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