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A Day At the Museum!

I had the amazing opportunity to help spread the love of science to attendees at the Museum of Science in Boston!

My first trip to this museum was absolutely amazing. We spent our first day filming creative content throughout the museum. I had a chance to learn more about the amazing insects and reptiles in their zoo/garden including overcoming my long lasting fear of cockroaches! I was able to interact with some of the museums's incredible exhibits and even hang out with a hamster wheeling armadillo which you would have to see to believe!

The next day I got to explore behind the scenes in the world's largest air insulated Van De Graff generator. I experienced the feeling of being in an active lightning storm with a controlled generation of lightning bolts at over 1 million volts. We created a ton of content that you'll likely see shared on the museums social pages over the next few months.

My visit culminated with a live science presentation in the museum's auditorium where I was able to engage with attendees and share some insight about my unique STEM journey, along with some cool real life science applications. The highlight however was a huge science demo about force and energy using a motorized paper spinner and compressed gas machine where we fired a pencil at over 300 mph into a block of wood!

Such an amazing weekend doing what I do best - helping spark curiosity and excitement about the wonderful world of science!

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