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10K Instagram Milestone!

Over 10,000 of you have joined the Hip Hop Science bandwagon to share the same love & excitement for science that I do! The Hip Hop Science Instagram page has now officially hit 10K and I couldn't be any more grateful and appreciative!

I've never been one to focus on the numbers. I've always cared more about putting out quality content that people could be entertained by and find share-worthy. However, this milestone just reiterates the need for STEM content to the masses, and also gives more credibility to voices like mine highlighting representation in science. My dream has always been to one day be like some of my science inspirations - Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, or Steve Irwin and host my own show. I look at this incredible journey through science and entertainment that I've been on as just a stepping stone working closer towards that goal.

The most flattering part about my platform and the thing that fuels me the most, are the wonderful messages, comments, and emails I receive talking about how I've renewed someone's love for science, or made them look at science in a whole new way. It's so meaningful to be able to create content that has an impact, so regardless if I had 100 followers or 10,000, the mission would remain the same. I look forward to continuing to release great content that educates, sparks curiosity, stimulates the mind, or simply just makes you laugh. This is just the beginning of many more scientific milestones to come, but I could never have done it without you. THANK YOU!!!

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